Giselle Sheer Bloch believes in physical fitness training as a mechanism to enhance healthy, active living. Her goal is to empower her clients to live a more active life, to get stronger and, as a result, feel good about themselves.

Giselle’s objectives are met by listening to her clients, respectfully providing them with guidance, safe technique instruction, motivation, and the knowledge and means with which to reach their realistic fitness goals.

Giselle has been helping her clients reach their fitness goals through personal training. She offers in-home training in her complete and private home gym.

Giselle will perform an initial, complimentary fitness and goals assessment. She will then tailor a personalized training program to meet your individual requirements.

Giselle’s training technique will help you improve your strength, muscle tone, energy level, general health, cardiovascular fitness, and posture.

Contact Giselle for a complimentary consultation.