“I feel really good about myself, and my husband tells me it shows!”

Since engaging in more body weight type workouts with Giselle, I have noticed a huge difference in the shape of my body. I am more toned, shaped and feminine looking—despite doing what other trainers might consider “male excerises” like body-weight dips and chin-ups! I have set more fitness related goals for myself as opposed to the goal of just “losing weight”. In doing this, my body image goals are more easily achieved. I feel stronger and healthy. I’m more confident in my body and physical appearance, and by extension – more confident emotionally. I feel really good about myself, and my husband tells me it shows!

— Becky


“I was shocked by the results, and at how quickly I achieved them”

Training with Giselle has been an eye opening and amazingly positive experience. When I first started training with her, she asked me what my goals were. Being a typical male, I wanted a larger chest and bigger arms, and of course, more definition. To me, that meant performing all types of chest press and various arm exercises. Giselle smiled and said, “let’s try something different, something that may require you to step out of your comfort zone”, and she put together a program for me that initially made no sense to me; it used various body weight exercises and muscles that I didn’t think were important. I was skeptical.

She asked me to trust her.

Since I began training with Giselle in 2012, my back has gotten much stronger. Her body weight program has enabled me to do pull ups, chin ups, bodyweight dips and rows, which have all have increased the definition and strength not only in my back and sides but also in my chest, shoulders and arms. My chest press and overhead press are stronger than ever. I was shocked by the results, and at how quickly I achieved them.

My strength level has increased, but the biggest surprise was the way that my flexibility and my mobility have also improved, which is a benefit that I never anticipated, thought about or have ever experienced before. In addition, I am much happier with my posture now, which has improved dramatically over the past six months. It made so much sense when I thought about it — my back muscles got stronger so I could hold myself up straighter.

I am now much stronger, lighter, and have far more energy, all thanks to Giselle!

— Avery


“I love the changes I see in myself”

I have been training with Giselle since 2009. Before I began weight training, I had very little upper body strength, and I also had severe daily pain in my neck, upper back and lower back, caused by the work I do.

Giselle began strengthening all of my muscles, particularly those behind me and all around my core, and after about three months I started to notice a difference. After six months, those muscles were not hurting as much. After a year, I didn’t need frequent massages any longer.

I was surprised that strengthening those muscles could relieve my constant aches. Like most people, I thought that stretching and massaging was the way to go. I also believed that if you have lower back pain, that you have to strengthen specifically your lower back muscles. I never realized that strengthening all muscles – core, the entire back from neck to calves – could make my upper and lower back so much stronger and pain free.

Now I am convinced that anyone with upper, mid and lower back pain, caused by spending time at a desk, a computer, or just hunched over or slouching, can live without that pain simply by strengthening those muscles through a properly prescribed weight training program by a certified personal trainer.

Giselle has enabled me to work more effectively and enjoy my job without the perpetual pain I was enduring. Now my entire body is much stronger and firmer, I can function much more efficiently in my daily life, I can even lift cases of water without a second thought, and I love the changes I see in myself!

— Leslee